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If you have a plumbing emergency, we’re available 24/7 to help. Call 780-266-5956

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Expert Plumbing Service for Spruce Grove and Edmonton area

It's a well-known fact that plumbing problems happen when you least expect them. If you're lucky, you're only dealing with a leaking faucet or a toilet that won't stop running. When it's an emergency, you're left scrambling to rid yourself of a major mess and somehow avoiding significant damage to your property. You'll need plumbing help in a hurry, and the staff at Pristine Plumbing understand that urgency is a priority in most circumstances.

Our plumbing technicians are available 24-hours each day for emergencies to troubleshoot and repair all types of issues including a running toilet, leaking faucet, decreases in water pressure and many other common problems. We're also experienced in fixing more complex plumbing issues such as failed sump pumps, water heaters, and boilers that can create much larger problems in your home or business.

Why Choose Pristine Plumbing?

When you're looking for a plumber in Spruce Grove or Edmonton for repairs, renovations, or plumbing maintenance, we understand that you have plenty of options. Pristine Plumbing focuses on providing affordable plumbing services delivered with exceptional customer service. You can count on us to fix your plumbing issues with a smile and get you back on track.

It's not just our commitment to our customers that sets us apart from other plumbers in Edmonton, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and other surrounding areas. We are highly focused on:

  • customized solutions to your specific needs
  • providing friendly, knowledgeable service when you need it most
  • fixing your plumbing problems in a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way
  • offering the fastest 24/7 emergency service to deal with your critical plumbing emergencies
  • helping our customers plan and implement bathroom and kitchen renovations with expert design help to improve their homes or offices
  • ensuring that all employees of Pristine Plumbing have completed safety training and are drug tested

Why settle for less? Get started now by calling our office at 780-266-5956 or contacting us online.

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Time to renovate your kitchen or bathroom?

Get your plumbing reno project started on the right track. Pristine Plumbing has years of plumbing renovation experience to help with the planning and development of your renovation or remodel project.

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If you have a plumbing emergency, we're available 24/7 to help

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